Proton Suprima S Test Drive

suprima008-final-suprima-full-side-atlantic-no-bg“No money la… I can only afford a Proton”.

This is a common phrase us Malaysians hear a lot. The brand is known to most as the go-to option only if we cannot afford a foreign make. What a sad sad thing, even my car buddies refused to join me for the test drive when they heard it was going to be a Proton this time. But inferior or not, the Suprima S still garnered a lot of attention from the media when it was launched a few months ago. Continue reading


Honda Civic 2006 vs 2012

Civic (FD1) 2006-2012 vs Civic (FB1) 2012-present

CIVIC FD1( 1.8 I-vtec )


Lets start with the look . This car personally has caught my attention. The overall aerodynamic design with visable A-pillars and short bonnet gives the car a futuristic look. The windscreen is one of the biggest piece of glass among the other Honda models, even larger than accord. Well, we take a look what is under the hood . Continue reading