Peugeot 3008 Allure Test Drive. So the Lion Roars~



And I have said that for almost all of Peugeot’s design until this baby came along. Right, the latest 208 and 308 models look great too (particularly in the advent of Peugeot’s I-cockpit design) but none of them came close (at least to me) compared to the brazen design of this sinfully – beautiful piece of art. None of them had a complete redesign  so masterfully crafted that the newer models could wave goodbye to its predecessor from the boundaries of Heaven to Hell.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a snapshot of the current 3008 versus its predecessor (see below). OMG. But yes beauty lies in the eyes… of.. the beholder.. Please don’t kill me for saying this ohhh internet!


Now let’s talk about why I adore the latest Peugeot’s 3008. To note, this model opened for booking late last year in Malaysia  2K17. Henceforth in this article I will be commenting about the exterior, interior, drive feel and overall functions this model has to offer.

Exterior: Every single angle of this car was designed to draw attention.

Source: Wikipedia

(Front) If there was ever a car that screams its brand in one look, in one get go, you’re looking at it. The 3008 distinct itself from every other SUV with its sleek claw-like headlamps that goes along with the theme of a lion’s fang, worthy of the silver Lion displayed on its front bumper. I particularly like how the LED signal lights were made to appear like the brows that floats over and across the headlamps (Just to tease you readers out there interested in getting this model, go youtube this and watch how the LEDs flicker when triggered and you’ll see what I mean. Gosh the attention to details!). This just goes to show how much effort Peugeot has put in to make this new design work. Engineering wise, to make the mold for the headlamp and the fang shaped bumper seemed difficult enough to pull off…. But to put and assemble them together in mass productions… Wow! Well done Peugeot!


(Sides) From the elegant arches that runs down its roof line to the sudden sharp drop from its back spoiler that flowed down seamlessly to its rear wheels, the sides and back profile of this car reminded me a little of the very sought after – sexy Range Rover. A vehicle priced at least three times that of the Peugeot’s 3008 (though to be honest, I would actually prefer the 3008’s rendition as the better looking SUV. It’s my personal preference.). One thing that stood out for me the most from viewing the 3008 at this angle was its glossy piano black A/B/C/D pillars.  By doing this, Peugeot had somehow managed to further accentuate the chrome arches of its top roof line, highlight its sporty chrome colored 18″ alloy wheels yet at the same time, spice up the side door frames that would’ve otherwise appeared simple and plain. Peugeot killed 3 birds with one stone here. And this was done ever so seamlessly like butter and cream. Oreos and milk. Chocolates and coffee.


(Back) Them sexy claws… Held together by that glossy black back bumper to complete the design. Need I say more?


On and all, the exterior for the 3008 is impressive! Bold and classy where it need be. Sophisticated and sporty all around. I’ve got to hand it to Peugeot this time. Pretty impressive!

Interior: By far, hands down, I’d say it here and now. Peugeot 3008 has the best looking interior by miles compared to every other competitors in its price range. A picture speaks a thousand words. So take a look at the pic below guys.


There are too many things that I like about the interior. Probably a whole lot more so than I do the exterior and I’m not even exaggerating. Here are the key things I’d like to highlight. But before I begin into the details, I’d like to comment on how the overall interior looks and feels like a futuristic concept car. (If you put this into a Sci-fi movie and add a lil’ CGI… Hey, I’m no movie director. But I think it could just work.)


Inside the ‘cockpit’, the first thing I noticed was how the cabin wrapped around me like an airplane cockpit… It is as though the design itself was made to center around the driver (Which it should. Drivers are and should be the bosses in their own vehicles). Then I noticed how the base of the steering wheel is lower than the car’s fully digital 12″ head’s up cluster display (HUD). This is great to have but it appeared unusual to me at first. Because unlike cars of other makers where you’ll look into your (mostly analogous tachometers at this price range) through your steering wheel, Peugeot’s latest I-cockpit design places the steering wheel slightly lower where users could peer into the HUD without having to adjust the levels of their eyesight. Good for ergonomics or so they claimed. Subtle yet noticeable. I haven’t test driven the car long enough to actually appreciate this. But to do this, Peugeot’s designer also made the steering wheel smaller than usual for a car this size. And it is shaped a tad bit more squarish which I myself think works for a sportier look. Others might not. Also worth mentioning, I think the resolution for their HUD is pretty good and responsive. And I like how you could change the interface of the HUD at the scroll of a button located on the steering wheel.

In line with Peugeot’s I-cockpit concept, they also placed their 8″ touch screen next to the HUD and at exactly the same height level. I like how this is done here. Some other car makers does this as well and I think it is more convenient for the drivers whenever they want to change some settings while driving without having to look away too much. Again, the resolution for the touch screen here is acceptable and pretty responsive. And it comes standard with Apple Carplay, Mirrorlinks and Android Auto. My salesperson actually tested the function of its Apple Carplay and I must say that I’m impressed with its Arkamy tuned speakers.

While I adjusted my sitting position via the 8 way powered seat, I noticed how plush the leather wrapped seats were. And at first thought, I had assumed that Peugeot had used some better quality material like the Alcantara leathers similar to the ones they used for their 308 model during their initial launch. But the salesperson corrected me by saying that it isn’t. And then he pointed out how this Claudio leather material is apparently better for our Malaysian tropical leather, in that it doesn’t heat up as much under the hot sun. Which was evidently true because the test drive unit was parked under the hot sun before we got in there and while I think tints do reduce some of the heat, I do believe that this is true.

Compartment wise, there are lots of practical storage on the sides of the doors and on the floating console. The latter comes with standard two cup holders and a huge front center armrest that opens up to fit up to a 1.5 liter water bottle. To top it off, the center armrest compartment features a form of cold storage that serves to keep things in there chilled. This I think is not necessary but good to have. Moreover, if the driver wants extra storage, there’s always the boot which fits up to 591 litres and at one push of a button, you could also drop down all the passenger seats to fit a whopping 1670 litres!

One of this model’s heavily promoted function is its new ‘Advanced Grip Control’ system that comes only for the Allure model. On paper, the 3008 all comes with standard front wheel drive only. However, the new system they have features up to 5 different driving modes (normal, off, sand, mud, snow mode) that Peugeot claims, rivals up to an all wheel drive SUV. Unfortunately, because this was a simple test drive, I was unable to try out this function. (Then again, how would the usual driver in Malaysia try the ‘snow’ or ‘mud’ mode? Maybe during rainy seasons?)

Gear, Peugeot also introduced a new first-in-class Electric Impulse gear control system. Which actually took me awhile to really get used to. Not much for me to say about this because although the gear itself is quite a sporty lil’ looker, I do not really like this function. If it comes to choice, I prefer driving manuals. (But this all really boils down to personal preference. )


I think this alone beats anything else I have to say in terms of safety. EURO 5 Star NCAP!

On and all, I LOVE the interior of the 3008. However, if there was one thing that irked me the most, it was the lack of a panoramic roof. Unlike Peugeot’s C-segment 308 and their B-segment SUV 2008 models which comes standard with panoramic roofs, the 3008 in Malaysia’s version do not have it. I understand that they needed to save cost somewhere but there are loads of functions which are again, good to have but not necessary. (Again this is strictly based on preference. What do you guys think?).

Driving Experience:

(Power) The Peugeot’s 3008 comes with their ‘le prince’ 1.6L THP Petrol engine which packs quite a punch even at lower RPMs (~2000) despite the size of the vehicle. On paper it takes up to 8.9secs to ramp up from 0~100km/hr, however I did it in about 10 secs. Probably because I was carrying 3 other adults with me that time; myself with two other friends and the salesperson. That said, I do believe that for daily drives, this is more than adequate.

(Handling) As a rule of thumb, I always believe that conti cars have better handling compared to most Japanese car makers. And in this case, I was sort of in between the fence. This article is by no means a comparison between the 3008 and other Japanese car makers, but it just so happened that I had also test driven the Mazda’s latest CX5 after I did the 3008. But I would say in general that they were on par. This is partially because of the size of the 3008’s steering wheel. Which I’ve mentioned earlier, is rather small relative to the size of the car. And due to this, any slight movements to the steering wheel actually shifts the car by a larger margin. It felt strange and a tad awkward to me… But I would give this the benefit of the doubt because drivers might actually get used to this in the long run.

(NVH) The salesperson that accompanied me for my test drive was so confident with his own company’s product that he actually brought me to the bumpiest routes near their showroom. And by bumpiest, I mean some of the potholes are a inches deep and a couple of feet wide. To my surprise the car handles itself really well despite such setbacks. In fact, I could barely notice the bumps and noise of driving through those rough terrains. Heck! I drove up to about 160km/hr that day and barely noticed any tyre or road noise!

(Suspension) Slightly soft in my opinion. But I would say the 3008 is really comfortable to ride in. And this is really as expected of conti cars.

(Head/Leg room) For a car this size, this is not an issue. I am 5 foot 8 in my regular sitting position and I was carrying a 6 foot passenger in my backseat. Both of us had ample amounts of head and leg room.

Conclusion: I believe I have mentioned this throughout the article, in that this car of the year for 2017 by far outclasses any other competitors in its price range. Hands down. For a price of RM158,888 without OTR insurance, this car is in my honest opinion the most value for money for those who are considering to change or get a new car.

P.S: Slight disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated to Peugeot Malaysia. I am just simply a regular driver turned Peugeot fanboy.

Special shout-out to the professional and helpful sales team and personnel in Peugeot 3S CS Euro Auto @ Bagan Jermal Butterworth.





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