Nissan Sylphy 1.8 Test Drive

Sylphy_3  It has been almost 4 months since the 2014 Sylphy was launched in Malaysia, but its road presence here in Penang is almost non-existent. I’ve been reading good reviews about the car and wondered why aren’t there more people driving it, so I made an arrangement with the local Nissan dealer to test it out myself. Continue reading


VW Polo Sedan/Hatch CKD Test Drive

Front3Quarter(resized) 20140128-002037(resized)Price is one of the top determining factors when deciding on a new car. For a lot of us working class folks trying to make ends meet with an ever-increasing living cost, forking out more for a German car seems impractical. As a German car company, what do you do to boost sales? CKD it!

Now that the Polo hatch and sedan are available in lower-priced CKD form, is it a good buy?

Continue reading

Kia Cerato 1.6 Test Drive

DSC_0308(resized)Once upon a time, Kia cars were known to be inferior to Japanese cars. Then came the Forte in 2009. With an improved design and great value, many hearts were won over. But still the majority of car buyers remained skeptical and preferred to put their money on more expensive but lower spec-ed Japanese models. With the launched of the Cerato in Q3 of 2013, it might be what Kia needs to convince the people that they are indeed on par with the Japanese. Continue reading

Proton Suprima S Test Drive

suprima008-final-suprima-full-side-atlantic-no-bg“No money la… I can only afford a Proton”.

This is a common phrase us Malaysians hear a lot. The brand is known to most as the go-to option only if we cannot afford a foreign make. What a sad sad thing, even my car buddies refused to join me for the test drive when they heard it was going to be a Proton this time. But inferior or not, the Suprima S still garnered a lot of attention from the media when it was launched a few months ago. Continue reading

Honda Civic 2006 vs 2012

Civic (FD1) 2006-2012 vs Civic (FB1) 2012-present

CIVIC FD1( 1.8 I-vtec )


Lets start with the look . This car personally has caught my attention. The overall aerodynamic design with visable A-pillars and short bonnet gives the car a futuristic look. The windscreen is one of the biggest piece of glass among the other Honda models, even larger than accord. Well, we take a look what is under the hood . Continue reading